New Releases

ABR 001 Mariusz Tarkawian - "ameboid" . First record created for ArtBazaar Records. The music was composed and recorded by Mariusz Tarkawin, well- know to our blog’s ( from “Looking for art” project. As you can listen at the record,   Mariusz is looking for an inspiration for creation not only in visiual sphere, but he is also a collector and discoverer of various sounds. “Ameboid” project is an electronic music, which is compositions of sounds created on synthesizer by artist and surprising sound from external world- human’s voices, folk songs, civilization sounds. His pieces and plastic creations are not entitled but numbered. Successive, created every day show that they are endless project of titanic, artistic work. Here, you will hear the beginning of his music journey. Pieces on record has “titles” like 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05. It is also the reason for record’s title- “ameboid”. On the one hand, it is early beginning of the music search, on the another it is a name of primitive uni-cellular organism- ameba, which has unspecified shape, alike the artist’s music. Total, closed edition of this vinyl record counts 250 items, from which 66 copies will be publish in very special way. Each cover was drawn by the artist himself and each will be different. Each of this cover is a specific masterpiece. The work of art, which is accompanied by intriguing music.


ABR 002. Wojciech Bąkowski "Zsyp". Zsyp”- it is a radio play in three parts. It is a story about things, which we do not experience in everyday life. Fading the sense of perceiving “these things” away starts with maturing. Children have this ability developed perfectly, but later it dies away. Wojtek Bąkowski gives us a chance to come back to states of fear and phobias from childhood and probably illness, when we lie in the bed staring on the wall and hear “voices”. They are always somewhere among us - whirring fridges, sounds, breathes, conversations beyond the wall, from the elevator shaft, mysterious chamsters living in the wall of our houses. Recording of states from the borderline of dream and reality. Side A consists of two compositions - “Anthems Helmets”, “Kubuś (Winnie)”. Side B of only one piece, opus magnum of radio play, black suite named “The death”. “Zsyp” can be a soundtrack for non-existing Spoken Movie “0” (“Spoken Movies are Wojciech Bąkowski’s best known video pieces, exhibited around the globe New Museum of Centempory Art in NYC included). The piece is bery impressing, especially, when you are alone in a room.

Total, closed record issue is 250 items. On the cover of author edition (limited edition of 65 items from 250 pieces of whole record issue) the dance of a fly around the lamp in background is presented. The picture is drew by Bąkowski himself. Each one is different , because any fly does not dance in the same way.

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