ArtBazaar Records Project, which stands for publishing music created by artists of visual arts, was initiated by the contemporary art collectors: Piotr Bazylko and Krzysztof Masiewicz. Since over four years they have run blog concerning art collecting – www.artbazaar.blogspot.com.


ArtBazaar Records Project refers to Warsaw gallery RR and Alma Art project. In the 80’s the factory published nine records with music created by artists cooperated with mentioned gallery, for which covers were designed to by outstanding Polish artists, eg.: Edward Krasinski, Ryszard Winiarski, Jaroslaw Kozlowski and Andrzej Szewczyk. ArtBazaar Records intends to provide access to music created at present by the youngest generation of Polish artists.


ArtBazaar Records will publish visual art artists’ records in limited edition of 250 items (each of them will be numbered). In addition, there will be 66 among them to be published with covers designed and hand made produced by artists, often as unique copies.

We did not change the medium, which enables to listen a music. We remain with the best, which reflect saved sound in the most precise way with a direct contact with a record and a cover- vinyl record.


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